The path to resilience begins with the effective assessment of threat, risk and vulnerability. Counter Risk Group performs comprehensive risk assessments to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts. 

Our methodologies are proven and our assessors possess expertise you can trust.  Security gaps and inadequate attention to contingencies in your planning efforts can spell disaster.


 Counter Risk Group has years of experience looking at plans through the prism of what can go wrong, how to close security gaps, and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Counter Risk Group offers experienced professionals that deliver training across a range of domains, including security, event management, incident command, threat reduction, bomb threat management, infrastructure protection, active shooter response, and tailored topics.


 Many security and risk mitigation needs require a custom approach to adequately satisfy. Our team of experienced professionals is available to consult and deliver specialized solutions for your organization’s specific situation or needs.

We are Global subject matter experts that are well acquainted with the history and security challenges of the Globe.