We help our clients reduce cost, timelines and risk with UAV Drone technology. 

The service we provide will transform the way our clients do business. With quicker and more accurate data processing capabilities, drone technology is disrupting industry standards. 



Aerial Photography high flying cameras that enable you to capture unique viewpoints.

Surveillance and Investigation drones or unmanned aerial systems (UASs) are capable of highly advanced surveillance and Investigation sectors, drones already in use can carry various types of equipment including live-feed video cameras, infrared cameras, heat sensors, and radar.

Anti-Drone detection to ensure your privacy along with implementing other forms of devices to detect unwanted UAV systems. We offer counter drone tracking and removal. 


  Search and Rescue operations are often characterized by a similar set of constraints: time is critical and any delay can result in dramatic consequences – potentially human losses; operational environments are unfriendly, e.g. disaster scenes, forests, etc.   

UAV's are agile and fast, can exhibit autonomous behaviors and hence perform operations hard to execute by human operators, at low operating costs. In a typical scenario. Perform sensory operations to collect evidence of the presence of a victim, and report their collected information to a remote ground station or rescue team.